Siah Bazi – The Joy Makers

Directed by Maryam KhakipourSiah Bâzi theater troupes — similar to Commedia dell’arte — traditionally performed at weddings and parties led by men and women in full harlequin garb making impromptu skits peppered with subtle commentary on current events and politics. When Tehran’s troupe faces the closing of their 400-year-old theater due to changing cultural shifts, the performers face uncertain futures as truck drivers and tea-servers.

Siah Bâzi – The Joy Makers offers a look at how folkloric entertainment is challenged by modern political and economic changes in Tehran.


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6 thoughts on “Siah Bazi – The Joy Makers

  1. I love this film! I feel as if I were there, laughing and crying with the people it documents. Sweet scenes of people going about their daily lives with special insight into the folklore of Siah Bazi and folkoric stage in Iran.
    Xeyli mamnunam, Maryam.

    • Two Years Ago he came to haj, since he is president of a cuntory for security purpose they allotted him a special tent , but he refused to stay there and he stayed along with other hajis in their tent. and he told that no need special preference in other rituals also. which i heard through volunteers who was in mina at that time.

  2. It broke my heart. Not only we young generation didn’t enjoy the smallest things and we literally had to escape our own country, but also the old people who tried to make the life happier for the early generation are now in the corner of street CRYING. How sad and miserable we are.

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