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Love-&-Fear-for-Letter-fo-rwebLove, Fear, & Beyond with
Carlos Santana & Cindy Blackman Santana,
Jerry Jampolsky & Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky

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GLOBAL SPIRIT is a unique inquiry into humankind’s belief systems, wisdom traditions, and states of consciousness featuring critically-acclaimed and renowned experts, hosted by author and spiritual seeker Phil Cousineau, and produced by award-winning flimmaker Stephen Olsson.

Season Two on PBS We have no programs scheduled for screening at this point. We hope you’ve enjoyed all the live streams of Season One here on our website. Please add yourself to our mailing list or join our Facebook community to receive a shout out about the launch of Season Two on PBS.

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About Global Spirit

Mixing evocative film segments with deep discussion, Global Spirit takes viewers on a mind and soul-expanding journey, exploring the relationships between ancient wisdom traditions, diverse belief systems, world religions, metaphysics and modern science. 

GLOBAL SPIRIT sheds light on mankind’s deepest questions, tracing the eternal, yet still evolving human quest for meaning, truth and wisdom with conversations unlike anything you’ve heard before on national television.

Global Spirit is currently broadcast on LinkTV and available for stream on AmazonPrime.

Here is what Global Spirit viewers are saying about Season One:

 “I found the entire season rich in substance and passion bringing people from different cultures and points of view creating a synergistic environment. FORGIVENESS & HEALING especially tugged at my heartstrings by a father and grandfather of victim and murderer came together to heal themselves and bring their healing into the community. Also featured was a video of vets returning to Vietnam looking heal their emotional wounds.” B

“An enjoyable experience, getting a glimpse into the lives of Conscious and Creative people who have been willing to come forth and share in these discussions of various relevant and spiritual aspects of their lives and life in general. So glad to see film series like this made available to the general public;  I particularly enjoyed the discussions of music, art and mysticism.” Bob Snead

One of my favorite series ever!  I can watch it over and over. It speaks to me differently entry time. Never gets old.” Anonymous

“I found the opinions of the two representatives to not be true of all the things they thought or researched. I have researched others that were not of the same opinion and of course, everything comes down to what one wants to believe. One can always prove what they want with their research. Because research can be slanted toward what wants to believe.” Fanny I Ritchie

“This seems to be a solid program, and enjoyable to anyone already on their own spiritual path. I will say it would likely be viewed as “slow-moving” for those that are not quite there yet, and still need some “enticement” to reach further, but….that’s kind of the nature of finding your own path, yes? Overall, it’s quite worthwhile. ;)” WesMan

“Thoughtful and instructive. It provides spiritual programming for a global world headed toward more polarity, conflict and misunderstanding. I have watched several broadcasts of this series multiple times and taken notes.” Mary Lou Harrold

“An excellent series of heartfelt spiritual explorations.Phil Cousineau is a thoughtful interviewer who brings the best out of some of the leading seekers of our time.”
Brian Mertz

“I am about 4 shows into the season and I am really enjoying this show. If you are a spiritual seeker, you will learn new things. It’s very good.” ~DJ Faz~

“This program was very enlightening. Please show more!!” MIAGALIE