Where does your consciousness “go” at night when you sleep? For many Western psychologists, dreaming provides an opportunity for the rational mind to encounter its unconscious intuitions, associations, and inner guidance — an awareness not easily accessible during our highly-structured “awake” lives.

For many indigenous cultures, dreaming is a way of being that is always informed by a spiritual presence. In the Aboriginal concept of “The Dreaming,” all life exists within a state that blends past, present and future simultaneously. In this GLOBAL SPIRIT program, host Phil Cousineau presents different interpretations and domains of dreaming — blending recent scientific discoveries from an American dream specialist with rare insights on the native wisdom of “The Dreamtime” by an Australian Aboriginal elder.

This program features Yidumduma Bill Harney, an Aboriginal elder, master storyteller, painter, and highly-respected Wardaman Dreamtime authority, and Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, a dream specialist, explains how the dreamer’s symbols and archetypes can reveal the hidden intelligence within a dream, or what he calls: “Nature’s dreaming.”

15 thoughts on “Dreams, Visions and Realities

  1. For the last few years I’ve remembered but a handful of short, dim dreams. Yesterday I had a vivid dream in which I was snuggling and wrestling with tigers. I woke up & browsed the web looking for documentaries to show to my students this semester, clicked a link, and saw my old dreamwork mentor talking about the animal spirits that visit our dreams! Spoke with my daughter later; she mentioned the word tiger, I said I’d dreamed of tigers, she said it had come up earlier in the day as well. Much synchronicity. Maybe it’s alright for me to start dreaming again. I miss the Council. With affection and admiration for your work,
    Deborah Kohen

  2. What is the ideal time to wake up to connect and remember ones dream? I know in the indigenous Amazonian Kichwa culture they say it’s between 3-5am. What are your thoughts?

  3. can one ‘wake’ up and be conscious in dreams. i’ve heard that some people can do this. if possible how can i begin to do it?…remember to wake up in my dreams? or is this fanciful thinking?

  4. Two night ago, I was with a friend who is a fox…and we went to a place where they make honey with oysters from the lava beds. They called it Talavek honey…
    Other things happened while we were there, and there were some elders there too. One was a grandfather, I was out looking for something for him when I was told about the talavek honey.

    When I woke here, I looked, and found that everything in the dreaming was in New Zealand, south island, but it seems that the oysters that are in the lava beds, are from a very very long time ago…and I wondered why I was dreaming with Waitaha ancestors.

    Now tonight someone I know just sent me the link to your show…

    Please tell Yidumduma Bill Harney hello, and thank you for speaking about dreaming.
    I will be there to listen.

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