Where does your consciousness “go” at night when you sleep? For many Western psychologists, dreaming provides an opportunity for the rational mind to encounter its unconscious intuitions, associations, and inner guidance — an awareness not easily accessible during our highly-structured “awake” lives.

For many indigenous cultures, dreaming is a way of being that is always informed by a spiritual presence. In the Aboriginal concept of “The Dreaming,” all life exists within a state that blends past, present and future simultaneously. In this GLOBAL SPIRIT program, host Phil Cousineau presents different interpretations and domains of dreaming — blending recent scientific discoveries from an American dream specialist with rare insights on the native wisdom of “The Dreamtime” by an Australian Aboriginal elder.

This program features Yidumduma Bill Harney, an Aboriginal elder, master storyteller, painter, and highly-respected Wardaman Dreamtime authority, and Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, a dream specialist, explains how the dreamer’s symbols and archetypes can reveal the hidden intelligence within a dream, or what he calls: “Nature’s dreaming.”

15 thoughts on “Dreams, Visions and Realities

  1. Dr. Aizenstat,

    When I was 3-5, I enjoyed directed dreaming. I’ve forgotten the path… How can I unlock / regain that ability at 50? Thank you.

  2. Our youth are not disconnected, they just connect differently than new age music and nature photography. What is wrong with recognizing corporate logos? Were we living a zillion years ago, the plants, rocks, etc would be our recognition points and as we were introduced to different objects, we would not forget the flower or leaf but we’d have to think about it a bit more.

    Oh, don’t forget, today we can photograph the plant, upload and find out what it is.

  3. How do you compare what you call dreaming with the belief that what we understand as reality is itself actually a dream, dreamed by a universal consciousness?

  4. Given ‘hidden dimensions’ associated with quantum physics and the concept of us existing in a multiverse, might dreaming be the method by which the differing consciousnesses communicate their expression?

  5. Do you think it’s possible for the conscious, in particular the collective consciousness, to be the main determinant in consciousness beyond death? In other words, could philosophical and spiritual beliefs (i.e.,dogma) fused with heartfelt commitment and passion be major factors in determining a life after death?

  6. Dear Dr. Aizenstat and Mr. Harney,
    I would like to be able to enter into dreamtime at will. I have vivid dreams that I know are direction and guidance from another place. I’ve had them most of my life and was curious of them until the last 10 years when I made the connection between my waking life and my dreams and the people and images I experience in dreamtime. Can you please address ways to enter the dreamtime when I feel or need contact with it.
    For now I have to wait for it to connect to me.
    Regards to you both.

  7. Post heart attack i am taking Lipitor pills every night 10 mgs, and for past 2 years the meds give me powerful dreams about 5 hours aftering swallowing the little white pills. Is there soemthing inside the lipitor pills that does this? I love it. Dreams are happy and surreal and follow my real life path.

  8. I loved the the show on dreams. It has helped me with my dream I keep having which is below:

    I enter my dream and sat on the outskirts of the circle as drums called for the dreamer and the dream. The Ancient of Ones told a story about Faith, Hope and Love. He said:
    In this last world we entered it without balance. Not having balance made this world fearful and man could not live in fear all of the time for it was so over welling. So man hid his fear with hate, vengeance, condemnation, violence and control. Man has been running from his fear and covering it up because he did not know what he feared. Man did not understand the imbalance he was experiencing in this world. In the first world love was hidden, and in the second world hope was hidden, and the third world faith was hidden, but in this world innocence has been hidden.
    Innocence is such a pure light and cannot see hate, injustice, violence or any of the negative spirits. It is timeless and tireless and only lives in the now, and it is so happy.
    The Ancient of Ones said that when The Change comes Innocence cannot be lost or left behind or hidden. For Faith, Hope, Love and Innocence are as the four corners, the four directions, the four elements and the four seasons. They are the up and down and inside and the out. They are all the same.
    Innocence has been hidden in sacred places all around the earth. There needs to be a new dance…….a dance for all peoples to go forth and find Innocence. Those with the Spirit of Faith will lead and those with the Spirit of Love will know where to find the Innocence and those with the Spirit of Hope, those who know how to hold the gateway from this world to the Fifth World open will do so. As the Faith and Love gather up the Innocence and bring it to the opening from this to the next world, we will enter the Fifth World with all four Sprits and then the Fifth World will live in the final Spirit…..Wisdom. When all is balanced we will have no leaders, no chiefs, for we will live as one for one and the cosmos will be at peace.

    In my dream, I was weeping at the truth that was spoken and the enlightenment that was given to me. I was handed the bridle of a white horse and told, “Faith ride for it is time. Gather all of those who have the spirit of Faith. Love will gather all of those who have the spirit of Love and they will lead you to find where Innocence has been hidden. Do not worry, for those who have the spirit of Hope will hold the gateway open till you have gathered all the Innocence. Remember the time of Wisdom is close.”

    This dream was to be passed on to all. Those who have the ears will hear and those who have the eyes will see and those who have the knowing will know.

  9. This is an incredible new series! The Sufi mystic and Indian physicist were brilliant and warmly engaging at the same time. The host provided insight and skillful questioning of his guests. I also appreciated the inclusion of the short video segments, especially the one on the aboriginal elder and his exquisitely vast view of the planet!
    Kudos and many thanks,
    Sheila Chima

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