The inquiry into human consciousness is in many ways, the “holy grail” of the entire Global Spirit series.  Certainly, awareness of different stages of consciousness has been at the heart of many spiritual practices and spiritual traditions, for centuries.  Early in the 20th century, after some cross-fertilization from the east, western psychology became increasingly fascinated by the new study of consciousness. By the end of the 20th century, cutting edge quantum physicists began their own in-depth studies of the role of consciousness, as the possible underlying reality,  or the singular connecting force  of the universe.

In this Global Spirit program, host Phil Cousineau brings together both spiritual and the scientific traditions of east and west,  and creates a unique conversation,  shedding considerable light on the great, ongoing human quest for understanding “Consciousness”.

The program features Sraddhalu Ranade, a teacher and scientist from the ancient Hindu tradition of Vedanta, who comes to the Global Spirit studio from the Sri Aurobindo ashram in South India to meet Peter Russell, an author and spiritual practitioner with decades of relevant research and a background in physics and psychology from Cambridge University.


Watch Peter Russell’s Video Web Chat (March 6, 2011)
Watch Sraddhalu Ranade’s Video Web Chat (March 6, 2011)

16 thoughts on “Exploring Consciousness: East and West

  1. Engaging, enlightening and exciting. Many fantastic contributors. Eager to see more…Season II?

  2. One of the best and most needed discussions on TV.
    This should be on prime time every day.
    I will tell everyone I know about it and will look forward to the next time I can be part of this timely wonder.
    This is what TV should be about.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Love, love, LOVE this episode!!!! Answered so many questions and reaffirmed my spirituality. Thank you!!!

  4. Enoyed the show this morning and just want to expess my expereience regarding consciousness. Sraddhalu Ranade commented regarding oneness in that all see the color red. Everyone experiences consciousness at different levels (levels of awareness). We are conscious with eyes open or closed, awake or asleep, blind or able to see. A group can look at a mountain range. An individual may see the mountains, another may see only the trees, another may see nothing in particular. Individually we have different perception and/or concepts of what is physically seen. A man may be color-blind and not see red as red. I may see red, another may see dark pink and another may see dark orange. Consciousness, for me, is an individual experience, not seen through the eyes of another.

    • The very essense of life is to survive which is intelligence, not thought, intelligence. It moves from organism to organism with its endless content which passes on itself in order to survival. Those tools for passing it on are called senses (of perception)–I hear, speak, smell, touch and see the expressed consciousness of another. Do we see this? Once the senses recieve these impules survival is assured. How is it now shared? How is it a separate entity or an individual? Intelligence is beyond the limitations of thought which is egotistical. It understands it must be shared in order to survive without the limits of an egotistical consciousness.

  5. My son recently passed on 6/21/12 at the age of 24. I keep one of his t-shirts clipped to my headboard by means of a portable fan. It dislodged at 5:30am awakening me. I turned the tv on and Global Spirit exploring Consciousness was playing. I was directed to spirituality a few months ago by my son. I believe he was preparing me for his transition. I feel he wanted me to see this program to clarify my journey in the Science of Mind teachings which I am currently following. The Spirit certainly works in mysterious ways. Namaste’

  6. Hi ~

    I just watched your program on PBS for the first time. It was the one on Consciousness. It was wonderful, interesting, contemporary and informative. It had rich in depth, too.

    I liked the format, the questions, video clips, etc. The program would capture the interest of people new to spirituality as well as well-seasoned practioners with decades of experience.

    I will be watching this program on a regular basis.

    Thank you for such a needed and well done program!

    Bonita Aures

  7. Dear Mr. Russell,
    You propose the primacy of consciousness.
    The question arises: how does consciousness create (physical) reality ?
    Immediately one’s thinking gets trapped into separate thingness and cause & effect.

    What if consciousness is the receiving yin side and reality is the active, out-going yang side of the same phenomena ?

    Can there be consciousness without reality ?

    Warm Greetings from rainy Germany 🙂

    • Everyone has a separate reality. What is physical and what is spiritual? This is my experience.

  8. 2 all a set time & 4 every purpose…ecls 3:1 (bblcl text) i am of the bblcl text orientation & its specifics. i have little 2 no functional knowledge of the quran or any other religious document. i (simply) assert that truth duz not contradict truth. logic is based n truth & thus logic will ultimately not contradict truth. i also assert that there is a truth that is universal 2 all; & may b xpressed n various ways mathematically, philosophically, artistically etc. the tools i used 2wards truth r the bblcl txt, a general science xperience & the “observable reality’. the premise is where these 3 agreee there lies truth. take away the illogical/bias & spin of these three & they will n fact agree. God is all n all. ying & yang r of the same, the Great Ultimate is logical & that darkness & light r relative. everything & 1 is an aspect of God. still, God is greater than the sum of the parts. question 4 both: n yur xperience duz God tell ‘ndividuals’ the specific future?

    • Yes! I am seventy years old and have been experiencing clairvoyance since the age of thirty. It takes the form of seeing auras, colors and other things around people. When I was younger, it expressed itself in even greater detail. It is something thatis difficult if not impossible to to prove to others who do not share the same experiences. For many years I have been interested in tarot cards as a vehicle of expression. Card shuffling appears outwardly to be a random even but in reality it is not when practised by a clairvoyant. Somehow in a ay that is not understood the card layouts take on a rational meaning. I have never had anyone test me on these things but feel quite confident tat I could prove beyond chance that there is relavance to it. I believe one of the primary reasons that such a test has not been conducted is the belief that all readings are subjective and that the idea that there is intelligence in something considered random is impossible. Physics has even designated clairvoyance to be something that is impssible.

      • One thing that is important when you have reached any level of realization is to ask yourself, “Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?”. Remember that there is karma attached with life.
        Another aspect of detachment….be in the world, but not of it. We may enjoy our power or energy, but it is wise to know why you are experiencing it.

    • There are different levels of awareness. As there are different spiritual planes. We live in the physical world. We may or may not experience other planes that exist in the unseen worlds. Such as Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric, and Soul planes. Then there is self-realization, recognition of soul, a state of seeing, knowing, and being.

      • correctioin…unseen worlds Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric, and Soul planes (not physical world)

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