Life’s fundamental questions have so often been approached through philosophy and science. Yet for millennia, these same questions have been answered for human beings everywhere, through the power of story. From different cultures come those stories we tend to remember, the stories that connect us, not just with others, but with “that” which gives our lives meaning.

This unique program brings together two guests who use the power of story and storytelling to remember what is important. Kay Olan, a renowned storyteller from the Mohawk nation in upstate New York, meets community organizer & youth mentor, Orland Bishop, who brings the power of story and African wisdom traditions to his work with members of the notorious LA gangs, the Crips and Bloods.

3 thoughts on “Stories to Remember

  1. First time knowing this sort of wide variety ritual show could exist. Wish I’d thought of it! Helps to fill a pretty gaping hole & enjoying the very wide variety of people on as guests. Thank you. Learning a lot.

  2. Very moved by both of these stories & the people who tell them. This program should be presented in junior high school and perhaps on PBS or commercial stations.

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