Are thinking and logic enough to understand the meaning of existence, or is there something more? The ancient Greeks believed there was another dimension beyond logic and reasoning and they called it Sophia, Wisdom, which they believed to be the ultimate good. In Eastern traditions, wisdom is often synonymous with the Truth, the true nature of existence, available to those who can see beyond the ephemeral and ever-changing. In Sanskrit, it is known as prana– insight, into the nature of reality. But what is this human quality, and how do we recognize and develop it?

THE CALL OF WISDOM examines the nature of wisdom, how it can be both universally recognized yet expressed in different ways by different traditions, and why our survival today as a species and a planet will almost certainly depend on it.  The program features Jean Shinoda Bolen MD., an author, activist and Jungian analyst who has written several books on the archetypal psyche of women and men in the development of human consciousness, meeting Roger Walsh MD.,Ph.D. a professor of psychiatry, philosophy and anthropology, who recently edited a book on how Wisdom can be understood and cultivated.

Two knowledgeable authorities and wisened souls come together for the first time to discuss this rich topic, and to address some urgent wisdom-related questions which now face the human race.

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11 thoughts on “The Call of Wisdom

  1. If you are spiritual, you will like this. Authentic, engaging, and inspiring. I hope they make many more of this series.

  2. One of my favorite series ever! So thrilled to see it on Amazon!

    I can watch it over and over. It speaks to me differently entry time. Never gets old.

  3. I just want to say I love Global Spirit! I was afraid it had gone off the air this last year… Also, was wondering, have you ever thought of having Rick Jarow on?

    I hope the show continues for a very long time! Phil Cousineau is great—lovely energy.


  4. What beautiful insight and depth of understanding of wisdom and the knowledge of the feminine quality imbued within wisdom throughout time. Thank you for bringing this into the world.

  5. Thank you to Phil Cousineau, Jean Shinoda-Bolen and Roger Walsh for this inspiring program! I enjoyed Jean’s comment about the wisdom of gnosis coming from our connection, from the One. Have any of you given any thought to the philosopher Parmenides’ writing in “On Being” that it is thumos, heart and yearning that will lead us to the One? Is that the same as modern psychologists asking us to set our intention…or is it deeper still? Soul deep?
    I was also very interested in Jean’s comment that the Greek goddess Hestia is a wisdom goddess. I think of her as the spirit of fire. When the Greek colonists carried a brand of fire from their community hearth to their new colony, is that a metaphor, do you think for carrying the communal wisdom to their new home? Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!

  6. Tried to listen to live streamed broadcast tonight here in Chicago. I followed links, but the broadcast did not appear or become audible. Was it I or was it you?

    • Hi Marne, I’m not sure what the problem was. Many people were able to watch the stream just fine. But there were three emails about stream problems. Did you try to refresh your browser? Were you at this link?
      If yes, try going there right now. There is something streaming there right now. See if you can see it, and please let me know.

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