The Interfaith initiatives of the late twentieth century—the opening of dialogue and sharing of wisdom among leaders and practitioners of different religions – have flowered into an exciting new possibility for spiritual exploration and expression. The late Wayne Teasdale coined the term “InterSpirituality” to describe this new spiritual perspective, where beneath the diversity of theological beliefs, rites, and observances lies a deeper unity of experience that is our shared spiritual heritage.

For the first time in 25 years, video cameras were invited to document The Snowmass Interspiritual Conference, led by Cistercian monk and author Father Thomas Keating. THE INTERSPIRITUAL DIALOGUE with Father Thomas Keating illustrates a new era of spiritual consciousness and a new level of communication and exchange among many of the world’s spiritual and contemplative traditions. In Inter­Spiritual dialogue, the emphasis is not on formal theology, religious law or external observances, but on that which emerges from the depths of spiritual experience among dedicated spiritual practitioners in an atmosphere of trust. The focus is on the experiential rather than merely the theological, the interior content rather than the external form. This program provides a unique experience of committed spiritual seekers from many faiths, coming together to uncover and identify the core truths that lie at the heart of all world religions.

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4 thoughts on “The InterSpiritual Dialogue with Father Thomas Keating

  1. The concept is good, and the intentions are admirable, but the execution falls short. So dull it puts me to sleep instead of being inspiring like I had hoped.

  2. I just have to say I love Father Keating. Truly a seeker of truth and follower of The Way.

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