Beneath the seeming differences that separate the world’s religions, there is a deep undercurrent of teachings that point in the direction of Oneness, or “Unity Consciousness” — the indivisible totality of all creation, all beliefs, all religions and of the universe itself. The Journey Towards Oneness explores the concept of Oneness, and traces its evolution and expression through seemingly different religious and spiritual traditions.

In this Global Spirit episode, host Phil Cousineau is joined by physicist Dr. Ravi Ravindra, who comes from the Hindu tradition but holds a close personal association with Krishnamurti and the Gurdjieff teachings, and Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, a Naqshbandi Sufi teacher who has studied Jungian psychology, and who has written extensively about unity consciousness within the Sufi tradition. Together, these two guests bring a wealth of insights and revelations to the discussion, spanning the realms and understandings of both science and mysticism.

Global Oneness Project

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  1. would love to share the programming from tonight, Journey Towards Oneness, are you on FBook? Thank you for the food , so fresh to see on a tele screen. Lot of my friends will not touch tv, they will like this. (Y)

  2. I just watched this show on PBS in Vermont. It is really awesome! I’m so glad to see a program like this on TV.

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