The timeless, universal human search for the Supreme Being, for that all-encompassing Entity so much greater than ourselves, has led to the core idea of “God,” “Yahweh,” “Allah,” “Great Spirit” and numerous other titles. The names, forms, and definitions of God, while infinitely varied and evolving, have often depicted the image of a great external power, or an internal force of knowing, the watchful caretaker of the human soul. Certain other traditions point to the affirmation that everything is God, that God is everywhere, all-inclusive, and inseparable from creation and humankind.

THE SEARCH FOR GOD brings together philosopher and author Jacob Needleman with Sufi teacher Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, to share their unique insights on the concept and the experience of “God.” In addition to their engaging studio conversation, this program includes unique original footage from a recent spiritual retreat led by Pir Zia, along with a discussion of God by a philosophy group led by Jacob Needleman. With both these groups, the concept of God is shared, explored and even felt by some participants.

THE SEARCH FOR GOD will explore the human needs that the concept of “God” addresses, as well as the various forms, names and expressions for God. Drawing from ancient and contemporary Talmudic, Christian and Islamic concepts of God, and extending to the atheistic renouncement of God as a mere creation of humans afraid of the finality of death, this GLOBAL SPIRIT program will probe the timeless human “yearning to know God,” and will illuminate some of the most compelling perspectives and practices on the concept and reality of God.

7 thoughts on “The Search For God

  1. This show helps you to learn about other cultures and religions. It is a very spiritual show that allows the viewer to hear different philosophies, all quite valid. I really enjoy listening to the guest that speak on this show about their beliefs.

  2. Very good IF you’re into thinking. If you think because John Cleese is narrating it that it’s going to be a comedy, might want to rethink that.
    Brings up a lot of very good idea’s.

  3. I received info on Global Series through S&P and saw ‘Search for God’ – it was wonderful. I live in Canada and the TV links are not available to me. How can we see this program again? Thanks, Inge

  4. Tonight’s webcast was truly awesome. Thank you and thanks to the guests. They confirmed for me what is happening in my own church community – the global awakening and birthing process.

    I continue to share your teachings with others – bless you for your work to further the enlightenment process!

  5. Thank your this discussion of the Mystery leaving me dancing in the questions

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