Spiritual quest is often understood as a desire to reach God, or to attain spiritual enlightenment. It is a search that is often challenging, full of questions and uncertainties. In this episode of Global Spirit, writer and lecturer Phil Cousineau hosts comparative religion scholar Karen Armstrong and Professor of Buddhist studies Dr. Robert Thurman for a discussion of The Spiritual Quest as both a personal and religious phenomenon.

Drawing on personal experiences and the guests’ extensive knowledge of various religious traditions, this fascinating conversation illuminates the individual and universal dimensions of the spiritual quest. This episode asks questions that have intrigued humanity since the dawn of time such as: What is the meaning of life? What does it mean to take a spiritual journey? What would that journey look and feel like? And what is the role of a teacher?

Robert Thurman’s Website
Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion Project

27 thoughts on “The Spiritual Quest

  1. Finally, a show that is not so much religious (if you can even say it is at all), as it is spiritual. There is a huge difference between the two, & I’m glad to see that the whole program is done so in a peaceful manner. You can feel the love the guests put into their “presentations” & this is fastly becoming my favorite show. I’ve only seen two episodes! Haha. I’ll definitely be recommending this show to anyone I feel may become as fascinated by Global Spirits as I have. Don’t let religion turn you away from being spiritual at all. Love & peace to all the universe, & whatever may be beyond…

  2. Thank you for bringing Global Spirits programs for the world’s enlightenment. It is uplifting to listen to human beings share their wisdom in joyful conversations without defense or a teleprompter.
    God’s Love in action will always be. PEACE

  3. I want to commend you on making the series “Global Spirit”. I watched it for the first this weekend on my local PBS station.
    I enjoyed it very much. It fed my soul. It spoke my language. Thank you for producing a program of such depth. It is a rare
    commodity.I loved it. I hope to see more of the series soon.
    With a grateful heart,
    Herlinda O’Donnell

  4. Fascinating program. This is exactly what this country needs at this time. A spiritual quest that is selfless and about gaining knowledge.

  5. A delightful hour full of the lightness of being, so indicative of God’s presence. Two truly tender people and so much truth wrapped up in many funny moments. Thank you, Phil, for this. I was riveted.

  6. What a relief to be engaged in a stimulating conversation without a scripted agenda – phil, you made it look easy. Great forum & inspiring.

  7. Great stuff, thanks. Maybe these two guests could be paired up with another two other guests in a future program, since they are both straight talkers. An element that I think should be explored or at least noted which was not is the difference between individual spirituality and organized religion.

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