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The Queen and I

Directed by Nahid Persson SarvestaniThirty years ago, Nahid Persson took part in the revolution that brought down Iran’s monarchy driving the Shah and his queen, Farah Diba, to exile in Paris where the queen lives to this today.

In The Queen and I, Nahid meets her former opponent and they have frequent confrontations and revelations. Their encounter evolves into an unforeseen journey of two women in exile, who have more in common than either of them would have envisioned.


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10 thoughts on “The Queen and I

  1. The US has laid economic siege to Iran for 30 years. In 1953 CIA coup of Mosseddeq then intslals Shah of Iran. Recently (March 2007)Congress voted $120 M for anti-regime media broadcasts into Iran and $60M in funding for opposition, violent underground Marxists and restive groups as Azeris, Kurds, Arabs under the Iran Democracy Program . Pakistani intelligence sources put the CIA’s recent spending on black operations to subvert Irans government at $400 million. No wonder Iran hates US.

  2. ” of the past 30 years is unrelated to the plot against Mosseddeq. It is directed against a regime that has brought the once proud, kind Persian peoples to a pariah state, a theocracy, that hangs, stones, insults or even worse non-muslim Persians while continually gushing hate & ridicoulous threats, claims & statements. Ask those who demonstrated in the streets several years ago.

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  3. What modification would satisfy you but keep the goal of “Engage & Inform” as set forth in Parsa

  4. Nahid, did u forget to mention anything about how much the Shah and Farah did for women of Iran? All the rights that they lost after the Revolution! how soon we forget!!!

  5. thank you for this film. i think the situations that we all are all going through are challenging us to be more real with one another. i like honesty. am not to fond of put on and fakeness that breeds cruelty. i like both women in this film. i admire the film maker for her matter a factness. for the first time i was able to see a queen that is really a royal person. no one can take that away from her. GOD bless them both.

  6. Great documentary. Nahid, you were very brave to reach out to your adversary from many years ago, and remain objective. I knew a lot of Iranian students who claimed to be “communists” in the revolution era, but they have all settled quite comfortably in the West and don’t talk much these days about their Marxist-Leninist ideologies,,,,
    Your film was very touching, and I am so sorry about your brother. I can only hope that some day the people responsible for his murder can be held to answer via a trial, not summery execution, and I equally felt sorrow for Farah losing her children.
    I was the same age as you during the revolution (but living in the U.S. already) and unfortunately the dream of ever setting foot on Iranian soil is slowly fading away. I am afraid that Iran and the Iranian people will never be able to recover from the brutality they have endured.
    And lastly, I felt very proud to see that you have become a successful film maker. Thank you,…

  7. I thought Nahid did a good job of telling Farah story, the queen seemed to be stuck in time though. I was wishing for her to be more relaxed and down to earth. why couldn’t she be like Dolly pardon to send 50 million books to poor children in Iran?

  8. While I was against Shah’s regime, and consider his autocratic rule being the cause of current extremist regime in Iran, I never appreciated the way he was treated at the end of his life. After constitutional revolution, 100 years ago, we deposed two unruly kings in a dignified manner. What happened with the Shah was inhuman and yet another black mark on the dossier of the regime of mullahs.
    Much credit goes to Anwar Sadat that went out of his way to host our king in his final days and gave him a fitting burial. We Iranians are all indebted to him.

    Babak Bazargan

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