Zinat – One Special Day

Zinat is a health worker living in the remote village in the Island of Qeshm in the Persian Gulf, where women’s lives are very much restricted to the home.  In the local municipality elections she runs against a man.  She lives an ordinary woman’s life, cooking and tending to her home, but the political activity takes up much of her time now, amidst her supportive family and friends.


Director Ebrahim Mokhtari began making documentaries for Iranian television and established himself as one of the first, prominent documentary filmmakers in the country.


Zinat – One Special Day (2000)
Mokarrameh: Memories and Dreams (1999)
Mullah Khadijeh and the Kids (1996)
Zinat (feature film, 1993)
Saffron (1992)
A Fishing Journey (1986)
The Tenancy (1982)
Balouchi Bread (1980)
Caviar (1979)
The Jockey (1975)


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