We Are Half of Iran’s Population

Directed by Rakhshan Bani-EtemadThree months before Iran’s presidential elections Iranian women’s rights activists — consisting of a vast spectrum of different points of view from religious to secular and ordinary women — are filmed posing their questions to the ten candidates and three of them discuss their opinions after watching the film. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, however, is not willing to take part in the film or to respond.

By the time the film is finished, three individuals who have taken part in the film are thrown in prison, falling victim to the massive post-election detentions. This film sheds light on the reality of the situation of Iran.


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6 thoughts on “We Are Half of Iran’s Population

  1. It reminds me of the RNC and DNC proestts when we tried to PRE-EMPT the Pentagon Dictaorship.they were so sneaky, arrested people the day BEFORE! corned others with tear gas.. used their horses to crush the head or the Iraq Veteran, arrested JOURNALISTS..looks like Iran is a Democracy just like America, that’s all.

  2. This film makes Iranian women appear much less empowered than they actually are. I’m surprised of this. I’ve lived in Iran before for several years, and when looking at the dynamics of society (regardless of what the law is), the women usually have the men slaving for them. The men go to great lengths to please their wives and daughters.

  3. These are women of true courage. I thought under President Mossadeck women in Iran had equality, am I wrong about that? We the women of america who labored and struggled for over hundred years, just the right to equal pay, althought its still not in practice. Women of the world unite. We are the mothers, the nurturers, we use both sides of our brains,we must work towards a matrirachial society. I believe all these organized religions are the reason men continue to oppress us all over the planet. We in america are as we speak under attack by the right wing republicans, and yet we continue to fight for our rights as we 53% of our population. Thanks for this beautiful film.

  4. Related Book to this very sensitive subject matter: Under the Veil: Islam’s Shrouded Secret by LaLeh Azhadi published date:2010.
    My purpose in writing this book is to examine some of the written and unwritten Islamic laws and cultural practices, largely relating to women. Fourteen hundred years have passed since Islam’s inception and my key question remains – have the lives of millions of Islamic women improved? This book examines the daily existence of young girls and women living under antiquated religious rules as well as cultural and tribal practices – and an examination of modern Muslim women who wear and promote the Islamic Hijab as a path to a gender and social liberation for women.

  5. am an american female. all females have had to speak out for their rights and be willing to die to get the ones we do have. do you think that we will be just given our rights because we follow all the religious laws? hah! no way! the more passive and quiet you are the more the males will think you are content with what they allow you to have. defend women’s rights. am an average american woman. when i talk about women’s rights to some american males they tell me to look at videos like this one to see the poor oppressed women and be glad for the rights i have been given. wrong! fail! although our cultures have a great divide we are united in our concerns for women’s rights.

  6. Thank you for this film. I am ware of women’s conditions in Iran and this shows how women can come together and have their voices heard. They can begin to change their society by just such actions. This film is brave and necessary. Brava ! Rakhshan, keep going, the world is with you! Half of the planet is with you and all the women in Iran!

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